Ways to Give

The Club depends on the generosity of our partners, supporters and investors. Each is vital to the organization’s continued ability to save the lives of at-risk kids in Fallbrook. We are honored by the strong commitment of individuals, businesses and foundations, and we appreciate every gift – large and small. All donations are investments in the lives of our Club members. Additionally, we always welcome new supporters whose interest enables us to increase our network of resources.

Today, the fee for a child’s membership card, for all we provide, is still only $30 a year – and many cannot afford even this. It is intentionally inexpensive because we want every child and family in Fallbrook to have access to this Club – no child is EVER turned away.

Furthermore, the cost to the Club for the programs and opportunities we provide is about $600 a year for each youth we serve.

And that is why we ask you and others for your support — to help us invest strategically in Fallbrook’s kids so that we can fulfill our mission by giving Club youth in need every chance to thrive and succeed.

Individual Donations

Individual donors are integral to the well-being of the Club. The kind generosity of many people during the Annual Campaign, the Great Futures Campaign, directly and indirectly, touches the lives of our 1,600 kids.

If you would like to make a charitable donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of North County you can do so by sending a personal check to:

The Boys & Girls Clubs of North County
Development Department
445 E. Ivy Street
Fallbrook, CA 92028

or we made it very easy for you to donate online. To make a secure donation online, use the form below:

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Planned Giving

If you have begun to consider a heritage that will live beyond you, and are seeking options for charitable estate donations, then please consider the Boys & Girls Clubs of North County. For more than 50 years, this organization has brought hope and opportunity to tens of thousands of young people in Fallbrook through recreational, educational and athletic programs.

By remembering the Boys & Girls Clubs of North County in your will, you can have the satisfaction of leaving a meaningful gift that will help kids — perhaps kids just like you once were. You can also realize financial advantages today through estate planning methods. Careful planned giving can reduce income taxes, capital gains taxes, gift and estate taxes, and even provide income to you now – all while assisting the Club and Fallbrook’s youth.

A variety of planned giving methods exist to direct your charitable gift to the Boys & Girls Clubs of North County exactly as you wish. If you want to remember the Club in this way, and help tomorrow’s kids, please contact Brian Astredo at 760-728-5871.

Log on to www.bgcagift.org for more details.

In-kind Donations

In-kind giving is a non-cash donation that can be made to the Club of any product or good. Examples of in-kind giving include, but are not limited to, donations of a business’s new and surplus inventory, donations of used equipment and furniture, donations of office equipment, miscellaneous office or household items, etc. In-kind donations are tax- deductible at the depreciated value of the donation and help the Club to free up funds otherwise expended on such donated items and re-channel the dollars into program funding for our kids.

We respectfully request that all donations, if previously used, be clean and in proper working order. Below is a wish list that the Boys & Girls Club of North County would be grateful to accept.

Wish List

Below is a wish list of items that the Boys & Girls Club of North County would be grateful to accept:

Score Board for Basketball Court
Copy Paper (white or colored)
Big Screen
PA System
Roller Mats to cover Gym Floor
Pool Umbrellas
Crafts supplies: markers, crayons, paper, etc.
Educational supplies: pencils, lined paper, etc.
Wrapped Healthy Snacks
Board Games
Balls – Soccer, Basketball, Playground


A financial endowment is a gift of money or property donated to a non-profit institution such as the Boys & Girls Club of North County. Endowments carry the condition that the donated funds be invested, the principal remain intact, and the interest then be utilized for various programs, events or scholarships. Endowment giving allows for your donation to have a lasting impact over time as compared to donations that are expended immediately.

Donate Stock

The gift of an asset, often common stock or mutual fund shares, is a valuable way to make a contribution to a charitable organization and receive tax benefits based on the value of the asset(s). For example, suppose Ted and Alicia had 300 shares of XYZ Corporation that they had purchased at $15 a share some years ago. The current value in today’s market is $36 a share. If they sold the stock in the market, they would have a taxable, long-term capital gains on the difference between their cost and what they would receive from the sale ($36 minus $15 = $21 capital gains per share; 300 shares X $21 = $6,300 in capital gains).

They could sell the stock, pay the tax on the capital gains, and either keep or donate the proceeds. If, instead of selling the stock, Ted and Alicia gave the 300 shares to their charity, they would not incur any capital gains and would be able to deduct the current value (300 shares X $36 = $10,800) as a charitable gift. By donating the stock, the charity receives more than it would receive if Ted and Alicia first sold the stock and then donated the proceeds after deducting the capital gains taxes. Also, Ted and Alicia receive a greater tax deduction by giving the stock directly to the charity and avoiding the capital gains tax.

For more information about donating stock, please contact Brian Astredo at 760.728.5871.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North County
Development Department
445 E. Ivy Street
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Giving Appreciated Shares of Stock

Shares Sold Shares Donated
Market Value $10,800 $10,800
Original Cost $4,500 $4,500
Tax on Gain $1,575 $ -0-
Income Tax Deduction $ -0- $10,800
Income Tax Saved $ -0- $3,100
Gift Value to BGC $ -0- $10,800

(Example assumes shares owned for more than 12 months. Donor is in 28% tax bracket, 20% gains tax rate and 5% state income tax rate. Tax rates may vary from state to state.).