Staff Spotlight – Monica Mendez

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Monica has a special sparkle and kids and adults are drawn to her. Born in Michoacan Mexico, Monica, and her family moved to Valley Center when she was three years old. By five years old they were settled in Fallbrook. A graduate of Fallbrook High, Monica pursued a bachelor’s in criminal justice with an associate degree in sociology.  Before committing to the Club, she spent a year working as a social worker.

Monica has been with Boys & Girls Clubs of North County for a total of 7 years, she started working in our administrative offices and then moved on to working programs with the Club members. A mother herself, she is a natural with children. We are happy to announce, Monica is expecting her second baby boy this August and we couldn’t be happier for her and her family!

Monica’s current position is Area Coordinator, and she mentors and trains our site supervisors. She loves getting to know each site, believe it or not, each school site has its own culture and personality. Monica believes in helping Club members and their families and she loves seeing the positive difference Boys & Girls Clubs of North County can make in families’ lives. Monica is deeply committed to our site supervisors as well as our Club members. She hopes that each Club member knows there is always someone willing to listen to them and share their dreams.

One of her favorite memories is when the Club members decided to use the monies, they earned selling items at their convenience store, as part of a program called Torch Club, to pay for their Club members to play soccer. The Club members really wanted to play soccer and were thrilled when their Club mates sponsored them! They never lost a game and won the championship that year!

Monica also has a mischievous side, not many people know but her husband, a big guy, is afraid of the dark. She likes to hide in the dark corners of their home and jump out at him! The poor guy!

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