Staff Spotlight – Magali Ibarra

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Magali is a kind soul, wise beyond her years. Born in Mexico and raised 21 years in Fallbrook, Magali comes from a tight knit family including her brother and three young nieces.

Family is important to Magali. One of her favorite memories is waking up on Christmas Eve and spending the day with her mother, aunt and cousins making tamales. She also cherishes memories of sharing Saturday morning coffee and bagels with her mother, they were very close. Magali misses her mother’s unconditional love and understanding.

Magali is our Site Supervisor at Live Oak, and she loves autumn with its Halloween and Dia de los Muertos celebrations, but most importantly she loves pumpkin spice! She also loves it when our Club members are excited to see her and enjoys it when they excitedly run up to say hello.

Knowing she is making a difference in the lives of the Club members is deeply satisfying for Magali. When asked what she wishes for the Club members she said she “hopes the kids are able to grow into the amazing souls they are meant to be” and that “their future will be bright and allows them to do whatever they set their hearts to.”

Introducing Club members to new experiences is especially rewarding to Magali. She has scheduled movie trips and a visit to Legoland. She said, “It feels good to know that those memories will be core memories they will hold onto forever.”

When life gets hectic, Magali gathers her nieces, and they have impromptu dance parties! They dance out the day’s frustrations and giggle their way to feeling better together.

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