Staff Spotlight – Chris Clements

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Chris Clements is a favorite staff member among the youngest of our Club. Chris knows how to make little ones feel safe and he encourages them to try new things. Chris especially enjoys watching our Club members learn and grow. He started working at the Club in October 2016 and he has seen his original kindergartners grow into 6th graders. And the babies he saw bouncing on mothers’ hips, are now his kindergartners!

Chris moved to Fallbrook when he was two and he grew up going to La Paloma Elementary, Potter Jr High, and Fallbrook High. He was also a Club kid and one of his favorite childhood memories is of his team winning the basketball championship in 4th grade. Not only does he still have the trophy, one of his basketball teammates is still his best friend! Chris also remembers sharing Club ghost stories as a kid, and now as a staff member, he gets a kick out of hearing the same ghost stories being shared among Club members.

Chris has had several jobs over the years, from working at a baseball card printer to inspecting avocados to testing video games for Sony, just to name a few. But his favorite job is working for Boys & Girls Club of North County. When you look at Chris you see a guy in what appears to be perfect health, but he has had his struggles. Chris has a blood clotting issue causing him to need a liver transplant years ago. He is doing well now, but like many people who overcome serious health issues, he is driven to find a deeper purpose in his life.

Chris says working for the Club gives his life greater meaning, he loves helping others. When asked to share his favorite Club memory, Chris tells the story of a young girl who wrote to Santa Claus saying she wanted new shoes and socks for Christmas. This tugged at Chris’ heartstrings, and he shared this need with his site supervisor. Donors and volunteers of Boys & Girls Clubs of North County made sure the little girl and her family not only received new shoes and socks, but they received many other presents as well. Another favorite memory Chris shared is when his father, Dr. Doug Clements, a Fallbrook eye doctor, gave free eye exams to Club members. Dr. Clements made sure everyone who needed glasses got a pair, regardless of the cost. In many ways, Chris is carrying on the legacy of his father by giving back to Fallbrook’s youth.

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