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Boys & Girls Clubs of North County provides a supper snack to 1,000 Club members a day! Per the state of California, this includes protein, whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and milk. We might call it a snack, but it is a meal!

85 staff members at 10 sites daily supervise and engage with our Club members. 10% of our staff members are alumni of Boys & Girls Clubs of North County! We truly build a family.

100% of our staff members are background checked and fingerprinted. Staff members receive a minimum of 48 hours of training plus ongoing professional development. Our amazing Youth Development Professionals ensure the safety of children as well as assist with homework and provide the opportunity for, art, music, swimming, and other vigorous physical activities.

We own a school bus, an actual school bus! We use the bus to transport Club members from their school sites to the Ingold Club House. Our generous donors helped us buy our bus; we are so grateful for our donors and supporters!

We have the only community pool in Fallbrook, and it is just for our Club members! Adults don’t swim in our pool; it is for kids only! Currently, the pool is undergoing resurfacing and will look like new this summer, full of fresh water for swimming lessons, recreational swimming, and swim team practices.

The Ingold Club House is getting a beautiful ADA ramp! Construction is underway. We are excited to provide more accessibility for all members of our community.

Not only do we offer swimming lessons and a swim team, but we also have basketball in the winter, and indoor soccer during the spring. We also have one of the only indoor gyms in the community.

We have celebrations just for our Club members with Trunk or Treat in October, a Thanksgiving Feast in November and every Club member gets a toy at our Holiday Party in December! During the spring we have Boys & Girls Clubs Week, 6th Grade Fun Days and we host End of the School Year Parties!

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