The Arts

Performing Arts

Performance builds teamwork, confidence and furthers creativity, and often unleashes hidden talents.


Our kids not only perform music, but they often create their own compositions. With the arrival of the music room, budding composers can translate music theory to application and then add digital mixing to create original compositions. Whether upbeat hip-hop or a more traditional ballad, the kids have frequent opportunities to perform their original songs at Club and to our fantastic board members. Additionally, our members enjoy the benefit of their very own recording studio, complete with digital equipment for recording and mixing music.


Club members normally take to the stage in the summertime when our theater group puts on its annual talent shows & performances. From contemporary to traditional scripts, the kids work hard in front of the curtain and behind it to put on a first-class production. The end of summer session at the Ingold Unit is a traditional time for actors to entertain family, friends & other Club members.

Visual Arts

For the more reflective artists among our membership, we encourage individuals and groups to delve into the realm of the visual arts. Staff and community artists provide instructional guidance.

On Paper

From the sketch pad to the poster board and the canvas, our kids are stimulated by our staff to express themselves in various, hand-created, artistic media. Club members learn basic and advanced techniques of art in the newly renovated arts & crafts room.